Post-flood Update

As almost all of the country is aware, the floods from March 2019 impacted pretty much everything in our surrounding communities.  The library expansion project was impacted in several ways as well.  We had committee members have to back out of the committees because their own personal property was damaged and they have to spend their free time trying to recover or their jobs were impacted and time is no longer available.  Fundraising also had to be reconsidered and put on the back burner because the current focus of most fundraising was for flood victims or recovery efforts.  Trying to raise funds for an expansion while people didn’t have a place to live, was not good practice.

Now, four months later, we have slowly started to rebuild the expansion committees.  In order to do so, we created a survey to find additional volunteers for the various committees. The survey can be found at HERE or in print version at the Circulation Desk of the library or on the library’s homepage. We are seeking people willing to serve on these committees:  Promotion, Design, and Fundraising.  We also need another individual to serve on the main Steering Committee.

The Friends Board decided to look into hiring a professional fundraiser.  This fundraiser will help lead the fundraising efforts on behalf of the Friends group and help to organize and direct efforts.  Currently, the total funds available are around $3.2 million and we need 1/2 the project costs in-hand to start seeking matching funds for the remainder of the project.  A professional fundraising firm is going to help us get there.

So for those wondering where we are, the project goal is still for a Fall 2020 ground-breaking with hopes of raising all funds by then.  If you are interested in donating to the Friends of Keene Memorial Library, you can do so at the library (please indicate for the expansion project), online through the Fremont Area Community Foundation at choosing “Keene Memorial Library Fund”, or directly to the Friends of Keene Memorial Library (1030 N Broad Street).

Any questions about the project can be directed to the Friends of Keene Memorial Library, the FOKML Board, or the Keene Memorial Library Director.


New Year Update

Well we have already rolled into 2019.  This year will be important that we hit the fundraising and grant writing hard to get the funding in place to hopefully break ground in 2020.  With that deadline in place, we currently have in hand $3.2 million in city funds, donations, bond monies, and Friends of Keene Memorial Library funds.

The Friends of Keene Memorial Library and the FOKML A Trust Board have both recently received substantial donations from the Betty Lou Jelinek Trust and the Durham Foundation.  These two donations totaled over $120,000.  It is supporters such as these that will help make this project come to fruition.

We will be working on scheduling some events and open houses at the library centered around the expansion project.  Hopefully I can get a newsletter up and running this month and start sending constant contact emails on the regular.  The Steering Committee will be meeting this month and the committees will start putting in more work.

The FOKML A Trust board is also working on land acquisition for property near the library.  This property will be essential to the expansion project.   We should be able to raise the structures and provide more parking until the main project gets started.  At least this will be a start.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates related to the expansion project either through the Fremont Tribune or Walnut Radio.

The Journey Continues

Thanks for joining us on this exciting and long-time coming journey! We will be using this website to update folks on what is happening and where we are on the expansion project and capital campaign donations.

We have spent a great deal of time over the past 18 months working toward this expansion project.  There are many behind the scenes issues to tackle before we begin the capital campaign, which is coming shortly.  The images below are from Alley Poyner Macchietto architects out of Omaha, and they represent the design we are striving toward building.  APM did extensive research on community input and hosted several community meetings to identify the wants and needs of the community.  They issued a survey for community feedback as well, that helped shape the designs both inside and out.  One main key concept was to create an addition that would compliment the original architecture.  Since the original building was built with limestone, the glass was designed to compliment the limestone, and not distract from its beauty.




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